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Paranoia controls everything...


Meagan Marie
31 August
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The world is watching...

I am brutally honest.
I don't put up with bullshit.
I hate unnecessary drama.
I am ALL for wearing what you want to wear then taking it just that ONE STEP FURTHER.
I hate pathetical little boys who think they can insult people whenever they're in a bad mood.
I really dislike the 'scene' and what that has come to stand for ... girls; STOP PUTTING CRAPPY BLONDE EXTENSIONS IN. It looks a bit stupid and clichéd really.
Don’t fuck me around because I will never forget it and it will affect how I see you in the future.
I think it's stupid when people claim to 'discover' a band and therefore insult anyone else who listens to them because it was 'ORIGINALLY THEIRS'. Ha-ha
[although I hate all of these things I tend to just LAUGH AT the offenders.]
Probably most importantly: I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME.

P l a s t ic s u r g e r y B a r b i e d o l l s c a s e s u I c I d e:.
Miss judgmental [case] sits on the mantelpiece please give her a blacked she’s cold


No matter how much you contrast out your nose
You’re still not beautiful
Your skin is never perfect
Bulimia is not a fashion neither is homosexuality

[Yes this is aimed at you]
..You know who you are...


That he is so posh
I saw him in a shop

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